The World’s First Realistic 3D Scan and Photogrammetry Marketplace.


Sell Your Realistic 3D Models To The World.


Receive 90% Revenue From Your Arts.

Why Submit To Leo?


Collect 90% Revenue From Your Sales. It’s The Highest In The Industry!


Showcase Your Models With Your Own Customized Artist Page


Connect With Brands And Find New Projects


Chance To Be Featured On The World’s First ARKit App

Designer First Vision

Leo is created by artists for artists. We encourage and support all artists to show their creativity and talent to the global market and community. Artists can start to earn revenue from their arts through Leo Marketplace.

The Highest Revenue

We believe in every single 3D artist in the industry. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from. Each artist is like a snowflake, unique in every form.



Artists receive 80% of the revenue and directly get the money when a user completes a purchase. It’s the highest in the industry!



Get Featured In The Leo App

Everyone can now customize the real world by using realistic 3D objects through the Leo App. They can easily create unique photos or videos to share with family and friends.



Artists get a chance to be featured in Leo App and also get an official “ARKit Ready” approval.

Customized Artist Page

Tired of websites promoting their brand over you? We are too. If the artist didn’t exist, there would be no marketplace. It’s that simple.



Artists and their work deserve more respect. That’s why we don’t put any Leo branding or marketing designs on your customized portfolio page. It’s your personal gallery and special just for you.

Unlimited Storage

Realistic 3D object sizes are big, and we know that storage costs are a major problem for artists. We are here to crush these barriers and help artists and the community. So there’s unlimited storage for all our artists.



Artists can upload files of any size. This way, artists can showcase their work in one place. Of course, we do have a fair use agreement too 🙂