Technical Guidelines

Here are some tips for making 3D designs that run smoothly on mobile devices:

  • Please upload your files (model, textures, and others) as zip or rar file. Do not upload more than one zip or rar.
  • Do not include more than one 3D model file in the zip (e.g. two FBX files or two Unity files)
  • Please optimize 3D models and textures for mobile. Suggested max polygon count: 50K, max size for all texture files: 15MB.
  • 3D object direction should be +y forward.
  • Surface normals have to be checked. (If reversed, it will not be displayed on the screen.)
  • Object format can be obj / fbx / dae.
  • All simulations such as particle effects and rigid bodies in Unity can be used, but the Leo AR system does not support shader.cs or scripts.

If you have any difficulties or questions about the technical details, please reach out to us at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help you sort it out.

Happy uploading!